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No Joy / Metal Feathers / Grooms – SPACE Gallery – 03/27/15

Metal Feathers come out of hiding tonight at SPACE

Metal Feather’s performing at 2011’s HillyTown Party Barge

We hope you’ll forgive us for forgetting momentarily about Portland’s Metal Feathers — but we are quick to forgive lapses in activity for anything that we know has a proven track record in Portland over here at HillyTown.

So yes, the fact is that it’s been […]

Friday Roundup: Blue is back, Mouth Washington, HI-DEF VIDZ and more

Spencer Albee and Walter Craven of 6gig in a recent video by Knack Factory.

Spencer Albee and Walter Craven of 6gig in a HI-DEF VID by Knack Factory.

I’m writing this roundup from my grown-up desk at my grown-up job, but I will assure you all that it’s just a facade. The true and only reason I have a job is so I can take an hour out […]

Metal Feathers / Headband / Nuclear Boots

Mild August Night, Underground On A Boat, aka Party Barge! [8.7.11]

Maybe it didn’t turn out to be such a Hot August Night (the slightly wet weather and wind kept the live music inside on the lower deck of the boat) but we still had a great party on the Casablanca Sunday Night. Thank you so much to Peapod Recordings, SPACE Gallery, if and it, […]

Deep Heaven Now Recap [6.11.11]

This past weekend at SPACE Gallery, the Somerville, MA-based psych/shoegaze festival, Deep Heaven Now, landed in Portland for two days. Check out photos from the first day, which included Quilt, MMOSS, Foam Castles, 28 Degrees Taurus, and Metal Feathers. Mister Chris & the Instant Animals (or is it Mystery?) opened the night.


Metal Feathers / Nuclear Boots

The Rattlesnakes / Metal Feathers / Foam Castles / aLex kEaton

Video: Foam Castles cover Metal Feathers’ “Glass Collector”

And the current Portland music scene goes 100% self-referential…

What next, will Sunset Hearts cover Brenda? (Actually, I like where this could go).

Brenda / Corpse Pose / Metal Feathers / Milkman\’s Union

Metal Feathers – Contrast Eats The Slimey Green

Oh hey, Metal Feathers kinda put out a new, free EP album (there are more tracks since when I originally posted this) that totally destroys. Check it out.

Go see them for just $2 at Port City on 2/15 with Spouse.


TWO: Spouse / Metal Feathers

Sunset Hearts / Metal Feathers / Hi Tiger

Metal Feathers / Brenda / Doomstar!

Metal Feathers / Aloud / Alex Keaton