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HillyTown Presents: Phantom Buffalo / the Farthest Forests / Time Travelers / Artie Appleseed – SPACE Gallery – 05/02/12

HillyTown Week Halfway, SPACE Tonight!

I almost can’t believe there’s still a few more days left to this week. We’ve been so happy with/excited about everything already, and can’t wait to see how the rest comes together. Tonight’s a big one, returning to the venue that easily takes the title of favorite/best/most amazing place in the universe (sure I’m biased, […]

Phantom Buffalo Made A Video Game (and have an album on the way)

This has been out there for a few weeks, but maybe you haven’t checked it out yet.

Phantom Buffalo (patron saints of this little website) are getting ready to release their new album, Tadaloora, and put together a teaser video (above) and VIDEO GAME to promote it. In the game, you get to […]

Phantom Buffalo / Salli and Doug / Boxes

Phantom Buffalo / The Watchmen

SPACE Gallery Presents: Jerusalem and the Starbaskets / Phantom Buffalo / Foam Castles

College Night: Phantom Buffalo / Theodore Treehouse

Buffalo Fantôme, acoustique

While on tour overseas, this website’s favorite band ever, Phantom Buffalo, played a few songs for the French site Citazine, including the below gem of a great rendition of their song “A Hilly Town.”

Check out the rest of the videos, including an amusing interview, here.

Phantom Buffalo / Old Abram Brown

Theodore Treehouse [cd release] / Brenda / Phantom Buffalo

TWO: Phantom Buffalo / The Lucid

HillyTown CMJ Day Party Was Awesome.

That was pretty much all I wanted to say. Thanks to everyone involved.

Phantom Buffalo at the Rock Shop – Brooklyn, NY

Ready for tomorrow night at Trash Bar? For now, I’m heading out to see more bands. Full photo galleries/videos/etc from all of this fun nonsense at some point in the […]

Phantom Buffalo / Concord Ballet Orchestra Players

New Phantom Buffalo Album THIS WEEKEND

You know I love Phantom Buffalo, and I hope you do too. Tomorrow night sees the release of their long-awaited new album, Cement Postcard With Owl Colors with a show at Empire (Same Basic Bear and Chris And The Instant Animals open). Get a preview of the new (or at least newly released on record) […]

Phantom Buffalo / Run-On Sentence / the Hairdresser\\\’s Husband