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DIRIGIMUSFEST IV – Bayside Bowl – 07/11/15

131 Presents: Butcher Boy // The Veasies – Empire – 06/22/15

Cuddle Magic / Butcher Boy / Family Planning – SPACE Gallery – 04/16/15

Cuddle Magic goes from Lady Lamb opening to SPACE headliners

First of all, apologies for the lack of updates over here the ol’ HillyTown home — between the flu, SXSW, and multiple full-time jobs, things have been a bit busy at HQ. But no worries: we don’t want Hilly to fade into a Portland myth like The Taxis or Marie Stella.

Let’s start with one […]

PURSE / Butcher Boy / The Icepicks – Empire Dine & Dance – 02/28/15

Wilder Maker / The Ghost of Paul Revere / Butcher Boy / if and it – Empire Dine & Dance – 09/06/12

The Milkman\’s Union / Butcher Boy – Port City Music Hall – 04/10/12

Butcher Boy / Cuddle Magic / Cowboy Band

Tour Kickoff: Butcher Boy / The Cowboy Band

Butcher Boy/The Milkman\\\’s Union/Nicholas Francis/Home Body

Screening and a band: Butcher Boy vs. The Shining

HillyTown Presents: o\\\’death / Butcher Boy / Splendora Cölt

Butcher Boy / Pamola / The Waldos / Hurricanes of Love

A Robot Presented at Flask [6.9.11]

Thursday night at Flask Lounge was one of those fun, low-key local shows that just feels so great. A Robot has been doing a great job putting together free shows, and everything aligned to make this one in particular especially fun. It’s no secret that HillyTown loves if and it and Butcher Boy, but […]

If and It / Butcher Boy / Pamola