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Oren Ambarchi / Drab Pony – SPACE Gallery – 06/25/15

HOST / Drab Pony / Video Nasties – Apohadion – 02/18/15

Nuda Veritas / Drab Pony / Artie Appleseed

Northern / The Farthest Forests / Drab Pony

Jakob Battick/Greg Jamie art show opening with Drab Pony & Endless Caverns

Nuda Veritas / Drab Pony

Pillars and Tongues / Hiro Kone / Drab Pony

Photo Recap: In Tall Buildings [5.2.11]

Chicago’s In Tall Buildings is the work of NOMO drummer, Erik Hall. On Monday, the trio played at The Oak + The Ax in Biddeford, with local openers Drab Pony (Jeremy Robinson of South China, accompanied by Ron Harrity) and if and it.

Warm Rock (Single) by In Tall Buildings

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The Black Swans / Milagres / Drab Pony