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Foam Castles / Eternals / Fur – Empire – 07/11/15

American Wrestlers / Foam Castles – Empire – 06/16/15

State Theatre nabs The Decemberists and a game of dream double bills

It’s of course no surprise to anyone reading this that the State Theatre announced another member of the millennial indie rock’s graduating class (Neutral Milk Hotel, Death Cab For Cutie, Interpol et al.) with The Decemberists playing a show on July 29 at the theatre itself.

It’ll be a great show of course (this […]

Foam Castles / Leveret / Soft Pyramids – Empire Dine & Dance – 03/07/15

BTR Hear & There MAINE #4: Foam Castles – “Underground Interiors”

Here’s the fourth – and final – installment in our BTR Hear & There video collaboration with BreakThru Radio. For this one, we joined Tyler from Foam Castles in the band’s basement practice space in Portland for the song, “Underground Interiors.”


Believers / Foam Castles / Computer at Sea – SPACE Gallery – 10/08/12

HillyTown Presents: Foam Castles / Higgins / Jeff Beam – Empire Dine & Dance – 05/03/12

Foam Castles / All Dinosaurs / Two Hand Fools

Mild August Night, Underground On A Boat, aka Party Barge! [8.7.11]

Maybe it didn’t turn out to be such a Hot August Night (the slightly wet weather and wind kept the live music inside on the lower deck of the boat) but we still had a great party on the Casablanca Sunday Night. Thank you so much to Peapod Recordings, SPACE Gallery, if and it, […]

Deep Heaven Now Recap [6.11.11]

This past weekend at SPACE Gallery, the Somerville, MA-based psych/shoegaze festival, Deep Heaven Now, landed in Portland for two days. Check out photos from the first day, which included Quilt, MMOSS, Foam Castles, 28 Degrees Taurus, and Metal Feathers. Mister Chris & the Instant Animals (or is it Mystery?) opened the night.


SPACE Gallery Presents: Jerusalem and the Starbaskets / Phantom Buffalo / Foam Castles

New FREE Foam Castles EP

I momentarily blew the lid on this one yesterday, before I realized that the band was trying to keep it secret (but like I told front man Tyler Jackson – “If it’s on the internet, people can find it”), but now you can officially stream, download, and generally get down with a brand new […]

Photos: STRFKR at SPACE (+ more)



I love a good dance party. That’s exactly what tonight’s show at SPACE turned into. From the Vistas kicking it off and keeping things moving between bands with a sweet mix of samples and beats both familiar and new (come experience their full-on party abilities with us April 30 in Belfast) to […]

The Rattlesnakes / Metal Feathers / Foam Castles / aLex kEaton

Video: Foam Castles cover Metal Feathers’ “Glass Collector”

And the current Portland music scene goes 100% self-referential…

What next, will Sunset Hearts cover Brenda? (Actually, I like where this could go).