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Mudhoney / Murcielago / Covered In Bees – Asylum – 07/10/15

Murcielago / Ruin / KIND – Port City Music Hall – 06/05/15

Murcielago / Five of the Eyes / Never Got Caught – Port City Music Hall – 02/28/15



6gig / Whitcomb / Murcielago

Photo Recap: Free Range Fest [4.30.11] – Part 1

The HillyTown team (myself plus three wonderful photographers) had a great time this weekend in Belfast for the Free Range Music Festival. Don’t forget to keep on eye on Mike Cunnane’s blog Brass Cankles (always available on the right sidebar right here!) for videos from some of the bands playing the festival.Here’s the first […]

TWO: Murcielago / Never Got Caught

Murcielago / Mercy/ The Class Machine

Dan MacLeod\’s going-away party: Loverless / Murcielago

Murcielago / Jack Tar / Armstrong

Murcielago / Gozu / Roadsaw

Murcielago / Jonnie Lust and his Disciples of Dust / Will Broadbent

Murcielago / The Milk Brothers / The Class Machine

Sun Gods In Exile (cd release) / Ogre / Murciélago