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Featured Album: if and it – Bleeding Moon


Article by Kevin Steeves.

It would be difficult to think of a harder working — or at least busier — Portland musician in the last six months than Evan Parker, the primary songwriter and vocalist of if and it.

At the tail-end of last year the band released the no-fuss lo-fi EP Ratpig […]

New Lady Lamb Album + BMA

This past weekend, Lady Lamb The Beekeeper won the award for “Best Folk Artist” at the Boston Music Awards. That poll’s “Artist of the Year,” Amanda Palmer, went on a bit of a Twitter spree about her love for the new young artist. Today, Aly Spaltro (who has obviously not quite settled in NY […]

Billy Libby Video

Another formerly active member of the Portland music scene who left for a bigger city (in this case he’s in NYC), Billy Libby seems to be working hard to keep pushing his music forward. Check out this new live video of his song “What’s There’s.”

Billy Libby : What’s There’s […]

Featured Album: Seekonk’s Pinkwood 2 Reissue

I don’t know how Seekonk got away with only pressing 100 copies of the original vinyl-only release of their third and final album, Pinkwood 2. Recorded in 2007 and released in 2008, it is a clear landmark in the local music scene, as members of the band soon went on to other acts, including Plains, […]

Adam Kurtz Throws Them In The Ocean

Though he may have left our lovely East coast environs for the sunny shores of California, we still count Adam Kurtz as a player in the Portland, Maine music scene. With that in mind, today we celebrate the release of his new EP, Throw Them In The Ocean.

This followup to Open Road […]

In The Audience Free EP, Full Length This Month

In The Audience are the band at the center of the local (international) label, Nice Friends (who you may have read about recently). Their album What Lives will be out on August 31, but they’ve got a free, instrumental ep called Lost Lives (officially out July 28) to help you get excited for their […]

Jakob Battick Album, Opening For La Strada Tonight

Jakob Battick‘s 4-song album, Heavy The Mountains, Heavy Are The Seas is now available for purchase/download (with bonus demo/alt/preview tracks included) on Bandcamp. It is also the new featured album right here on HillyTown for the next week. This is not an easy album: the songs are long, dark, and often meandering at times, […]

Dead Man’s Clothes Are Having A Ball (And New Album)

Portland’s “Best New Act” (according to the Phoenix Best Music Poll), Dead Man’s Clothes, have just announced the detail on their release party for their upcoming cd, Ice Is War. The event will take the form of a masquerade ball (masks/costumes encouraged!) at SPACE Gallery on Saturday, August 14. Theodore Treehouse and […]

Elf Princess Gets A New Album

Continuing the summer of new jams for Portland’s many indie bands, Elf Princess Gets A Harley has released Only Animals Eat Animals as a free (pay what you want, actually) digital album. Go get it, or check it out over on the sidebar as HillyTown’s current featured album!

Bands interested in getting your […]