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THIS WAY’s Honky Tonkin’ Holiday Show – Empire Dine & Dance – 12/08/12

This Way [cd release] / Adam Ezra Group – Empire Dine & Dance – 09/28/12

This Way video premiere: “Take It All (Or Leave It All Behind)”

Portland roots band This Way return from a 9-month break from local shows with a headlining gig this Saturday (2/25) at Empire. Have you seen their new stage yet? We haven’t but are curious to see how the venue changed things up – from what we heard a few months back the plan sounded very […]

This Way / Kingsley Flood / Tricky Britches

Jacob Augustine Released Three Albums [11.4.11]

We were already well-aware of the power of Jacob Augustine‘s songwriting and voice, as you can see here, but what does it take to properly celebrate the unveiling of three albums at once? Apparently, an epic show full of talented guest musicians and a whole lot of support. That’s just what Jacob got this […]

Miss Tess / This Way

This Way [cd release] / Kingsley Flood / Roosevelt Dime

TWO: This Way / The Mallett Brothers

Adam Ezra Group / This Way / Ralph and Clara from Marion Grace

This Way / Roosevelt Dime

Jay Basinger (This Way) / John Eddie

This Way / Frederick

Kittens Ablaze / TAB the Band / This Way

David Dondero / This Way / Jacob Augustine

This Way