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State of the State 3 – The State Theatre – 03/21/15

Friday Roundup: Blue is back, Mouth Washington, HI-DEF VIDZ and more

Spencer Albee and Walter Craven of 6gig in a recent video by Knack Factory.

Spencer Albee and Walter Craven of 6gig in a HI-DEF VID by Knack Factory.

I’m writing this roundup from my grown-up desk at my grown-up job, but I will assure you all that it’s just a facade. The true and only reason I have a job is so I can take an hour out […]

When Particles Collide – “Ego” official video

Our favorite rock ‘n roll duo from Bangor, When Particles Collide, returns to the stage and the screen (they seem to have a thing for choreographed dance moves) with this brand new video for their track, “Ego.” Watch it now:

Forget Forget / When Particles Collide / John Nels – Slainte – 10/05/12

When Particles Collide on BTR

HillyTown Presents NYC Tonight!

This will be the last one for a little while.

Tonight’s show at Cameo Gallery (located in the back of the restaurant The Lovin’ Cup Cafe on N. 6th) in Williamsburg, Brooklyn has been in the works for a while and we couldn’t be more excited to present this one. Things start off […]

Mother Leopard / Lit On The Flash / Great Western Plain / When Particles Collide

Arootsakoostic Field Report

Our friends in the band When Particles Collide (they played a recent HillyTown Presents show in Biddeford) checked out the Arootsakoostic Music Festival this weekend and were kind enough to share their thoughts and images from the experience with us on the site. Check it out below: words by Sasha Alcott and photos by Chris […]

FaceCrimes / When Particles Collide / if and it

When Particles Collide

A Robot Presents: Mango Floss / When Particles Collide / Elizabeth Taillon

When Particles Collide [record release] / The Milkman\’s Union / TonyBear

HillyTown Presented at The Oak and The Ax [5.14.11]

Saturday night was a busy one for music, with lots of great events happening around Portland, but we headed out of town for some fun at the Oak + the Ax in Biddeford. Miniboone (who played one of our OFFStage shows last year) were up from NYC and joined by the excellent Bangor rock […]