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2013 Belfast Free Range Fest Sampler!

It’s mid-April, so that means that we’re back with yet another (our third, in fact) HillyTown Belfast Free Range Fest Sampler! This year, we’ve collective tracks from 21 bands playing next weekend’s festival (April 27) to make this free album for you to stream, embed, and download! Check it out below or at Bandcamp. (If […]

New Computer At Sea Album… Available Now!

Seemingly out of nowhere, Computer At Sea‘s Galen Richmond just wrote to let us know that his brand new album, Palace of the Lightbulbs, is now available online for name-your-own-price via Bandcamp. It’s great to finally hear these songs that have been live staples for so long in finished, recorded form. The vinyl edition […]

Horse Thief’s Bloodline Totem Poles Out Today

Mckeensstreet Music is a Portland-based label with a small but growing roster of acts across the country (you are likely well-acquainted with their arguably most well-known group, Brenda) and they’ve been smart with promotion through free album downloads. Today, they released Bloodline Totem Poles, the debut album from Horse Thief, aka Chad Chamberlain. Fans […]

Metal Feathers – Contrast Eats The Slimey Green

Oh hey, Metal Feathers kinda put out a new, free EP album (there are more tracks since when I originally posted this) that totally destroys. Check it out.

Go see them for just $2 at Port City on 2/15 with Spouse.


48 Hour Music Fest 2 Music Released

This Thursday, February 3, at Flask Lounge (117 Spring Street, Portland). The free, 21+ party starts at 8pm, and you’ll get to celebrate with the musicians and get warmed up in time for the 3rd round of local music randomness happening on February 19th at SPACE Gallery. Read on for music from 5 of […]

Rattlesnakes Give It Away For Free

In case you somehow missed one of the most fun local albums of the year, now is your chance to grab the Rattlesnakes’ Spread For The Wide Eagle for free. Not sure it’s worth the price (which can actually be whatever you want – and it’s certainly worth more than $0)? Give […]

Wesley Hartley’s Quiver…

Wesley Hartley, of Dead End Armory (who are, I believe, on hiatus), has quietly released a free, 10-song solo acoustic album through his art website. The album, Quiver Spoked Largely Eyed, can be downloaded (one track at a time unless you upgrade your account) from here.

Catch him live at SPACE Gallery in December opening […]

Dilly Dilly’s Of Art And Intention Is Free

Album art by Jason Gorcoff

Dilly Dilly is one of those Portland musicians who you need to know. We featured her recently (for the Tower Of Song Fest) but this week there’s cause for celebration and a reminder: she’s just released a full length album called Of Art And Intention which you can […]