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Yellow Roman Candles / Jesse Pilgrim / Amanda Gervasi

Murder By Death / Jesse Pilgrim

Class Machine / Great Western Plain / Wood Burning Cat / Jesse Pilgrim

the Last Sip / Boy Without God / Jesse Pilgrim & the Bonfire

The Gallerist / Jesse Pilgrim / Panda Bandits

The Goddamn Rattlesnake / Jesse Pilgrim and the Bonfire / the Grave Robbers

Pecos Bill Reborn As A Rapper

Just over 2 years ago, Jesse Pilgrim hung up his Pecos Bill identity and formed a full band (The Bonfire) behind his punk-folk tunes. Now, frustrated by the rigors of leading a rock band and pissed off about the political climate in our great state of Maine, he’s revived the name with a distinctly new […]

Adam Early / Jesse Pilgrim / Leif Sherman Curtis / Timmy Wilson

Jesse Pilgrim and the Bonfire / Background / The Miserable Nothings

Jesse Pilgrim / Good Kids Sprouting Horns / Kingsley Flood

Grant Street Orchestra / Sandbag / Jesse Pilgrim

Moorhound / Jesse Pilgrim / Jakob Battick

Jesse Pilgrim / The Homeless People

Amanda Gervasi [cd release] / Pete Miller / Jesse Pilgrim

Mystic Chords Of Memory train show: Jesse Pilgrim & the Bonfire / Sam James / D Gross / Over A Cardboard Sea