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The Wedding of Minnie & Waisely: Panda Bandits and friends

The Gallerist / Jesse Pilgrim / Panda Bandits

Bad Seeds At The Oak+The Ax Video

This Saturday night, The Oak + The Ax presents a show entitled “Bad Seeds.” Check out the promo video below:

This show serves as the homecoming for Dead Man’s Clothes, who just returned from a tour that took them to SXSW (more on that later) with a number of stops along the way. We’re […]

Dead Man\\\’s Clothes / Panda Bandits / Dirty Dishes Burlesque Revue

\”Farewell For Now, Lady Lamb\” Lady Lamb The Beekeeper / Pearl And The Beard / Jacob Augustine / Panda Bandits

Eternal Otter Records Party: Aly Spaltro / TJ Metcalfe / Blaque Boose / Panda Bandits / Dana Gross / Jesse Pilgrim / Over A Cardboard Sea

Chain And The Gang / BOXY / Panda Bandits / BAM BAM

HillyTown OFFStage at SPACE Part 2 (Tomorrow!) + Stuff Tonight

Last week was incredible , starting with the loudest, most intense band possible (Haru Bangs) was absolutely the right idea. See for yourself in a couple weeks when [dog] and [pony] debut the first episodes of their HillyTown Presents concert video series.

In the meantime, let’s keep things moving with the shows. Round 2 of […]

HillyTown Presents: Panda Bandits + Dan Wholey (Earth People Orchestra) [Boston, MA] + Jesse Pilgrim