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[Comedy] Kathy Griffin – The State Theatre – 08/20/15

Jim Jeffries (comedy) – The State Theatre – 06/25/15

Dave Attell (comedy) – The State Theatre – 06/13/15

Curbside Enthusiasm Preview

This First Friday the art walk will be getting a dose of local stand-up comedy in an unconventional venue: the back of a truck. Portland Comedy Co-op, a collective of comedians performing together since 2013, will be bringing their sets outside of the dark bars and clubs usually frequented by stand-ups in the Maine comedy scene. […]

Todd Barry (comedy) – One Longfellow Square – 04/16/15

Hannibal Buress (comedy) – The State Theatre – 03/12/15

Wyatt Cenac (comedy) – One Longfellow Square – 02/25/15

Jim Jeffries (comedy) – The State Theatre – 02/14/15

Eugene Mirman (comedy) – St. Lawrence Arts Center – 05/23/12

Eugene Mirman (comedy) – St. Lawrence Arts Center – 05/23/12

(No) Photo Recap: Steven Wright at State Theatre [11.11.10]

Steven Wright performed at the State Theatre on November 11. It was fine.

Brad Wakefield is Biscuit‘s brother. He enjoys comedy.

Acts For Change: Spencer Albee / Tony McNaboe / This Way / Eric Bettencourt / Adam Kurtz / Sly-Chi / Jacob Augustine / Grupo Esperanze / comedian & more

Confusatron / Ricky Boy Floyd

Monty Python Night