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Farewell Wesley

Wesley Hartley / Billy Carr / Boy Without God

Wesley Hartley + more

Splendora Cölt Played Their First Gig + Show Announcement! [8.16.11]

In the time since the demise of local chaos-fueled folk rockers Dead End Armory, Wesley Hartley and the Traveling Trees saw Wesley’s Texas roots coming to the forefront in a more subdued setting. Now that project has dropped a member and turned up the volume as Splendora Cölt, a trio that rides the line […]

Splendora Colt / Adam Faucet / Billy Libby

Traveling Trees Albums Available Online + Tour

Both of last year’s Wesley and the Traveling Trees albums – Narrow Guage Quad Trains and Don’t Peel Your Bloomers Off Just Yet (which is now the featured album here) – are now available for streaming and purchase online at Bandcamp. Both are excellent and should serve as a great primer for anybody about […]

Bill Daniel screens \”Who Is Bozo Texino\” / Wesley A Hartley & The Traveling Trees

Arootsakoostic Music Festival

Honey Clouds / Like Bells / Wesley Hartley / Good Kids Sprouting Horns

Sydney\’s Birthday Party: Marie Stella + Wesley Hartley & the Traveling Trees

Taterbug / Tracey Trance / Wesley Hartley / Herbcraft

Wesley Allen Hartley & The Traveling Trees / Sore Eros

Wesley Hartley’s Quiver…

Wesley Hartley, of Dead End Armory (who are, I believe, on hiatus), has quietly released a free, 10-song solo acoustic album through his art website. The album, Quiver Spoked Largely Eyed, can be downloaded (one track at a time unless you upgrade your account) from here.

Catch him live at SPACE Gallery in December opening […]

A. A. Bondy / Wesley Allen Hartley and the Traveling Trees / Vikesh Kapoor

Dog And Pony DVD Release: Jacob Augustine / Wes Hartley / Marie Stella / Jesse Pilgrim