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HillyTown + A Robot Present: AWAAS / Mango Floss / Whip Hands / the Waldos – Geno\’s – 05/01/12

HillyTown Presents, Tonight At Geno’s!

According to the internet rumor mill, tonight will be the last Mango Floss show ever. They’ve been a favorite Portland band of ours for the past year (I believe we dubbed them our “house band” because we just kept booking them a few times in a row last Fall), so we’re sad to see them […]

Artie Appleseed / You Won\’t / Mango Floss / Heavy on the Juice

Great Western Plain / Mango Floss / Computer at Sea

Sunset Hearts (album release) / Kurt Baker / Mango Floss

Picnic Festival Photo Recap [8.27.11]

While the focus of Picnic Music + Arts Festival for many people is clearly the arts, with tons of great vendors selling handmade crafts, vintage finds, and tasty food all around Lincoln Park, we were focused largely on the music side of things, considering that HillyTown curated that portion of the festival. August 27 […]

Mild August Night, Underground On A Boat, aka Party Barge! [8.7.11]

Maybe it didn’t turn out to be such a Hot August Night (the slightly wet weather and wind kept the live music inside on the lower deck of the boat) but we still had a great party on the Casablanca Sunday Night. Thank you so much to Peapod Recordings, SPACE Gallery, if and it, […]

A Robot Presents: Mango Floss / When Particles Collide / Elizabeth Taillon

Photo Recap: Free Range Fest [4.30.11] – Part 3

As you’ve already seen in parts 1 and 2 of our Free Range Music Festival photo coverage, we all had an incredible time in Belfast this weekend. This is the third and final installment of photos, which includes the HillyTown afterparty held at Three Tides. The party was a big success – in fact […]

Free Range Fest + HillyTown Afterparty!

click for full poster

We’ve been hinting at this for a while now, and we’re psyched to finally be able to announce it.

HillyTown Presents the Free Range Fest Afterparty! Starting at 10pm and open to guests 21+, the party will go down at Three Tides – an excellent bar with great food, beer, and a gorgeous outdoor […]

The Milkman\\\’s Union / Mango Floss / Time Travelers