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Arootsakoostic Music Festival

Dominic & The Lucid / Johnny Fountain / Sarh Blacker


Johnny Fountain and the Manes / Amanda Gervasi / Christian Cuff

Tony Smokes & The Ladykillers / Lady Lamb The Beekeeper / S-Bot / Johnny Fountain

Johnny Fountain / Aly Spaltro (Lady Lamb the Beekeeper) / Denise Dill / Meghan Yates / Amanda Gervasi

Day Of Rest Music Fest: Marie Moreshead / Pete Miller / Johnny Fountain

This Way / Roosevelt Dime / Johnny Fountain

Tower Of Song Fest: Johnny Fountain & The Manes

One of the central players in the Tower Of Song scene, Johnny Fountain plays host to the events, including Saturday’s festival, using his apartment as the venue from which the music is amplified throughout the streets of Portland. Along with his band, The Manes, Fountain lands in the penultimate slot on the festival, playing at […]

Tower Of Song Fundraiser: Jesse Pilgrim / Johnny Fountain / Gabrielle Raymond (Anna’s Ghost) / Blaque Boose

Tower Of Song Fundraiser: Johnny Fountain & The Manes / Dominic Lavoie / Bird In The Rafters / Meghan Yates

Phantom Buffalo / Lady Lamb The Beekeeper / Johnny Fountain

Strause & Company / Jerks Of Grass / Johnny Fountain

Lady Lamb The Beekeeper / Johnny Fountain